Surprise your team with some fun, unique, and unconventional holiday party ideas this year! 

We understand sometimes it’s just easier to stick with tried-and-true, and avoid potential holiday party disasters but just in case you are considering kicking it up a notch this year, read on! 

We’ve rounded up our top favs (which are still HR appropriate, kind of) sure to score you the most epic #EOTY (end of the year) profile pic, ever!


5. Shake & Make (with professional Cocktailers)

Price: $$$ - $$$$
Best for group size: 10 - 100+

In addition to having your crafted cocktails customized and served by the very knowledgeable cocktailers @Instapour.cocktails, with the help from pro cocktailers, a great way to get the team involved is to hold a friendly amateur Mixologist competition where the winner gets to name their special concoction and instantly gain bragging rights to having their signature cocktail offered & served to their fellow coworkers for the rest of the night. 

@instapour.cocktails also specializes in cocktail kit deliveries, monthly subscriptions, and a fun, and skillful team of expert Mixologists sure to stir up a buzzworthy holiday party!

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4. “Meals on wheel”

Price: $$ - $$$
Best for group size: 10 - 100+

Imagine you are schmoozing with your office crush but you just ran out of prosecco.  Who suddenly rolls up to offer you a fresh glass just in the nick of time? Your amazing waiter, who also happens to be on a unicycle, of course.

 And alongside him are his unicyclist teammates with platters of crab cakes, sliders, jello shots, and other yummy items that can’t spill.  Voila!

 These pro uni-servers will have your co-workers talking about the holiday party for years to come!

3. Hangover Recovery… like a boss

Price: $$ - $$$
Best for group size: 10 - 100+


Let’s face it, nobody plans on getting wasted at the company holiday party this year you can totally be THAT girl or guy and still recover like a boss the day after!

 And If your office party happens to fall on a weekday, it’s safe to say absolutely no work gets done the following day. Everyone rolls in late, hungover. Cancels any non-essential meetings and sits on youtube until they can cut out early.

 But that doesn’t have to be the case…

Enter: The Post-Holiday Party IV drip party.]

 What’s better than an epic night of partying?  The most productive and hangover-free day after of, course!

 See how “hangovers cost businesss $90 BILLION every year due to loss of productivity”

Sure you can stock up on liters of coconut water, Gatorade or stumble into the corner bodega, wait with a pounding headache and a churning stomach for 15 minutes while they make your breakfast egg sandwich, then fall asleep at your desk.

Or, go with the most efficient way of getting rid of hangovers with IV nutrient drips.  In short, hangovers occur when your body is depleted in fluids and nutrients, which incidentally occurs after a night of modest intoxication, and the fastest way to recover is through Intravenous Why? Intravenous therapy is the quickest and most efficient way to deliver essential nutrients and fluids into your system pronto, boosting you back to balance in as less as an hour!  Productivity boost, indeed! #dripparty @hangoverclubnyc

2. Score your very own Kandinsky

Price: $$ - $$$
Best for group size: 10 - 100


So, common is your typical NYC caricature who draws cartoon-y, fun and cute portrait with a large head, tiny body either riding a bike, holding flowers, or flying a kite. 

 What’s uncommon is a “Basquiat” version of you and/or you with work bestie, done by an abstract artist in 5 minutes or less!  Because anything longer might be too accurate and real…yikes.!abstract/cf60

1. Get Boy George, Britney Spears, the Biebs, Lionel Richie & Adele to perform @ your party

Price: $$$ - $$$$
Best for group size: 10 - 100


YES! Celeb impersonators do exist and they can sing too, especially at holiday parties! Imagine wowing your employees when announcing the night’s special guests Vanilla Ice, Beyonce and Back Street Boys! Sure a DJ would be fun, but live entertainment can also be….entertaining! 


Can’t get enough….want more ideas? Read on!





A fun and inexpensive way  to provide entertainment (with a little help from the tech team) is by projecting arcade games onto a huge screen (e.g., pacman, or street fighter) so that everyone can witness and enjoy friendly competition between the competitors.   


MINT JULEP COPPER MUGS--Supply copper mugs and on-the-spot engravers to personalize your very own initials, or message! 

PERSONALIZED WINE BOTTLES: A bottle “with your name on it,” white label wine bottles with a personalized thank you message to employees.  “Thanks Cindy Excel Superstar!”  These guys @citywinerynyc do customized wine labels!

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