NYC's 2016 New Year's Eve Survival Guide

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NYC's 2016 New Year's Eve Survival Guide

5 new apps to help you #WIN new year's eve

....without even having to leave your house.

This is it. This is the big night we have been waiting for all holiday season. Use these 5 apps to make the night (and even the morning) go as smooth as possible. 

1. Pre-party-prep by the Priv App

Tonight is anything from ordinary, so toss out that normal normal hairdo and get up. Go big and be the showstopper that you are!  

Step 1, look and feel amazing for your pre-game cocktails.   

Check out the PRIV app and have a beauty prol come to the comfort (and convenience) of your own home to provide massages, make-up, mani pedi , blowouts, haircuts, spray tans and now even IV Nutrient Drips (provided by

Gentlemen! Listen up, this is not just for the ladies. For all the shaggy fellas, they also offer men's grooming options to get your beard on fleek. 

Getting ready for the night...

Getting ready for the night...

Click here to download the app and use promocode RECOVER20 to get an extra $20 off your first service.

2. Stock your damn bar.

Nothing is more embarrassing than an pathetic plebeian bar. (at least to me)
Stock your bar to impress your guests, whether you are just pre-gaming at the APT, or if the party is at your place all night long. 

Since you are busy getting ready for the night. Why not just have the booze brought to you!

Drizly logo.png

There are a few alcohol delivery apps out there but Drizly is our favorite. 

Why? Because they are fast! Get your booze delivered in under and hour. (sometimes as quickly as 20 mins). 
Run out of booze or ice half way through the party?
Don't fret. Drizly delivers late!


3. No More Photo Hoarding.

Ok. The party has started and the cocktails are stiff. People are starting to get getting loose.
By this time people are taking countless photos to document the ensuing debauchery. 

"OMG Jessica, send me that one"
"ew yuck. No way, my chin looks fat"
"Bitch, Send it, I look great!" 

Screw all that nonsense and get everyone in the picture mood with a cool app called FlashGap. 
Create an event, invite everyone at the party. All the pictures taken throughout the night get stored in a shared event.

BUT you can't access them until Noon the next day. It makes for an interesting morning while lying in bed trying to piece together the night. And no more Photo hoarding, Jessica.

Download the FlashGap app

4. Black Out Protection

If you're like most of us, you've had a couple nights when you wake up with some serious #regrets.

Feeling like NYC picked you up, turned you over and shook out all your stuff across Manhattan. Plus blindfolded you so you can't remember where or what happened. (#BLACKOUT).  

Or maybe you were feeling sensy because you didn't have a kiss at the ball drop so you called your Ex. 12 times. In an hour. (#BLACKOUT)

The probability of a blackout happening on NYE's is always at it's highest. 

You need someone watching your back other than your friends, who also happen to be blacked out.  ENTER: DrunkMode. The app. 

This app helps block calls to your Ex, Leave a breadcrumb trail of where you lost your shit, and even lets your friends find you when you disappear in some limo on the way to a rave in Bushwick. 

Download DrunkMode now

5. Hangover Eraser.

Google knows everything

Google knows everything

It's no question that 1/1/16 is the number one Hangover day of the year. It's your last hurray until you "actually start working out and eating well" blah blah blah.  Whatever excuse you use, it's always a good time, but it come with painful consequences.

Don't let your you NYE's Hangover your first weekend of the 2016.  With NutriDrip's IV Recovery packages, you are feeling human again in as little as 30 mins. No other hangover cure can do that. 


Two ways to get your drip on:

Join us on the Hangover Bus from 11am - 7pm [schedule here] and get up 50% off in-home prices. 

Can't get off the couch? (me neither)  Have a nurse come to you in as little as 45 mins. [Click here to book an appointment now.  (New year's day will be busy so book early)

New Year's Day Recovery Party aboard
The Hangover Bus. 

Book an in-home NutriDrip and have a nurse come to you.  

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Attack of the toxins - top 3 ways to keep your L-Glutathione levels high

WARNING: You are being attacked. By chemicals and pollutants. Everyday. 

I don't want to scare you, but our body is CONSTANTLY berated with toxic chemicals:

…Absorbed through the skin from cosmetics, shampoos, and deodorants.
…Breathing urban polluted air. (7 million yearly premature deaths may be attributed to air pollution) [1]
…processed food, preservatives, and medication.
…and hopefully you don't still smoke! [ok, maybe when I’m drinking]


Luckily our highly evolved human bodies have developed a detoxification system that can cope with all this toxic load. 

And What is the bodies #1 defense against this toxicity?  

Meet a glorious little miracle nutrient called L-Glutathione

L-Glutathione is called “The Master Antioxidant” because of its diverse use and “sticky” properties. This stuff exists everywhere in your body and protects cells by sticking to toxic molecules like heavy metals, poisons and cancer causing free radicals.

It’s like a swiffer in your blood stream. 

Once the toxins stick to the Glutathione, they are transported to the liver to be metabolized and removed out of the body.... Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.  Toxins, Gone. 

This keeps our cells healthy and even our skin looking young and glowing. [check out this study on how Glutathione can improve your complexion]

Fortunately your body can create this stuff on it’s own. Waaa hoo!

UNfortunately your natural production of Glutathione declines as you age, and rapidly in your mid 30’s. Crap!

What's WORSE is that poor sleep, bad diet, stress, and DRINKING ALCOHOL drastically deplete your glutathione levels and restrict natural replenishment. 

When there is not enough Glutathione available in your blood, cells and liver, these toxic chemicals start to build up in your body. And that’s when you start to feel crappy, tired, and even foggy.

Now here’s the scariest part...  There have been 100’s of recent clinical studies involving lowered L-glutathione levels in the body and linking it to serious debilitating diseases. 

like parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and terminal cancers. AHHHH!


So what can you do to keep your Glutathione levels at above optimal levels to keep yourself looking young, healthy and prevent debilitating diseases?

First off, don’t be fooled by expensive "reduced" Glutathione supplements. They don’t work. Scientists are hip to the rejuvenating power of glutathione and have done many studies about absorption of oral supplements. Unfortunately the compound is too large and gets destroyed in the gut, preventing any absorption into the blood stream. 

Solution?  Take Glutathione precursor oral supplements. (the compounds required to build the glutathione tri-peptide) 

Glutathione is made up of three amino acids: cysteine, glycine, and glutamine.
Click here to see some of our favorites precursor supplements

These nutrients are easily absorbed into the blood stream through via your gut. Taking a daily nutritional supplement that includes these three amino acids as well as Glutathione boosters like N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and Vitamin C, will definitely help increase your Glutathione levels…

BUT it can take 6 months to a year to feel any improvement. UGH!

So now what? I don’t have time for that!

The fastest and most effective way to raise your Glutathione levels in the body is through intravenous nutrient therapy (IVNT). In just 10 minutes you can blast your body back into balance with an IV ‘push’ of L-glutathione. 

That's where we (NutriDrip) come in.

We include L-Glutathione in a bunch of our IV NutriDrips and even offer it as a stand alone 5 minute IV push. 

Check out our NutriDrips that include L-Glutathione and quick restore to optimal levels:
The Mega Hangover NutriDrip
The 60-Minute Cleanse NutriDrip

So to recap...

Glutathione is essential in dealing with the unavoidable daily toxic load our bodies endure. 

The natural production declines as we age and levels can become dangerously low if we are not taking care of ourselves properly [who truly does?!]

The Top 3 ways to increase your Glutathione levels:

1. Avoid chemicals, processed foods, stress, and alcohol(good luck with that) and get plenty of sleep. 

2. Take daily supplements that include Glutathione precursors
(Check out our favorite ones here)

3. Get a monthly IV nutrient infusion that includes high doses of reduced L-Glutathione (check out our NutriDrips that include L-Glutathione) 


What do you do to keep your Glutathione levels high?  We would love to hear from you. Email us at




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