The Science-backed Molecule To Hack Your DNA & Stop Aging. | The Hangover Club

While many of us wish we could slow down the ticking age clock, we must face the fact that it is impossible to stop the aging process entirely. We do possess the tools however, to slow down the physical and mental aspects of growing older, with the help of a breakthrough molecule called NAD+.

Scientists have discovered an amazing brain boosting, DNA repairing, anti-aging coenzyme called NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) that is found in every cell in the body and is essential to life. It enables the transfer of energy from the foods we eat to vital cell functions by facilitating proper cell and mitochondrial function. In basic terms – it bridges the gap between two main aging factors: repairing damaged DNA and poorly functioning mitochondria (our cells that produce energy).

“Scientists found that through IV therapy, NAD+ can actually counter cognitive aging.”

…”the mitochondria in muscles of elderly mice were restored to a youthful state after just a week of injections with NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), a molecule that naturally occurs in cells and, like NR, boosts levels of NAD”… says David Stipp at Scientific American, based off a report by Harvard’s David Sinclair.

Mitochondria are our cells’ energy dynamos, which drastically dies down as we age. While it’s not clear why our mitochondria fades as we age, evidence suggests that it leads to everything from heart failure to neurodegeneration (the loss of structure or function of neurons).

This incredible discovery could be the closest thing to real anti-aging solutions.

You can try NAD for yourself with our NutriYOUTH IV. Infused with NAD for cellular respiration to stop aging in its tracks, the NutriYOUTH restores the Mitochondria in your muscles and keeps them working efficiently and healthy.

  • Aging skin (fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Dulled senses such as sight and smell
  • Dry, cracked, lifeless skin
  • Feeling lethargic with no energy
  • Post menopausal symptoms
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Mental fog / unable to focus
  • Feeling sluggish and slow
  • Joint & muscle pain