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see what the press has to say about The Hangover club and NutriDrip

My NutriDrip session left me bouncing with energy, and I swear my skin looked brighter.

In the weeks after my IV experiment, three different hairstylists told me my hair was significantly thicker, and one after the other said, “What did you do?” While the results may be anecdotal, I credit the vitamin IVs.
— Linda Wells -
More time passed, and both my headache and the hypersensitivity diminished. When the drip finally tapped out, Isa packed up her supplies, said goodbye, and was out the door. As my day was just starting, I could barely remember what the hangover pain even felt like.
— Paste Magazine
I felt great.. I STILL feel great
— Dan Mannarino [PIX11 news]
It’s like, you start to feel something cold go through you and as soon as you start to feel that cold you can start feeling, alright, I’m starting to feel a lot better.
But the million dollar question is, did it work? You’re damn right it worked.
— Life and Style Magazine
Instantly, the nausea went away,” she says. “By the end of it, my headache was completely gone . . . I was like, ‘Where has this been all my life?’ 
— The New York Post
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