What is 'End Gaming'? - End Gaming 101 | The Hangover Club

“End gaming is the solution to pre gaming.” -Every New Yorker who NutriDrips after a big night

What is End gaming?

Everyone knows what “pre-gaming” is but what is end gaming? End gaming is managing your buzz so you can have a good time, minus the all day hangover.

Get your friends together for an end gaming session after a big night and request an in-home nurse to cure your hangover in 45 minutes with IV Drip Therapy.

We invite you to try end gaming for yourself – it’s going to change the meaning of the word hangover forever!

The Steps:

  1. Commence pregame.
  2. Hit up the bars.
  3. Drink way more than you planned.
  4. Stumble out of bar & finding nearest greasy pizza place.
  5. Pass out at 5am.
  6. Wake up feeling queasy, sweaty, hungover, and regretful.
  7. Round the troops, book your group IV session & end game at NutriDrip.
  8. Look and feel like you got a solid 8 hours of sleep in 45 minutes.

End Gaming 101 Infographic